Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Diplomas awarded to cadets and students of the Military Academy

Cadets of the 140th and 141st Class of the Military Academy were awarded diplomas and awards today, on the occasion of the completion of integrated and undergraduate studies.

This year, 120 cadets from the Republic of Serbia and eight cadets of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina who were students of the 140th and 141st Classes, have completed integrated and undergraduate studies. The grade point average (GPA) of the 140th Class who completed the Military Aviation program of study is 8.05 while the GPA of the cadets of the 141st Class who attended 10 modules within seven programs of study is 8.22.  
Congratulating the youngest future officers of the Serbian Armed Forces on their success, the Rector of the University of Defence, Lieutenant General Goran Radovanović, PhD, emphasized that during their education, the cadets followed a rich educational and military tradition, and that now, armed with knowledge, motivated and ready for a brave and honourable profession, they set out to assume their first officer duties in order to serve their homeland and its citizens.
- I believe that you feel proud for graduating from the Military Academy just like Field Marshals Živojin Mišić, Radomir Putnik, Stepa Stepanović and Petar Bojović graduated from it once, but also Second Lieutenant Borko Nikitović, Major Milan Tepić, Lieutenant Colonel Goran Ostojić, Pilot-Colonel Milenko Pavlović and many other heroes who showed in action how to defend an officer's honour and how to command military units in the wars for liberation and the defence of our country during and towards the end of the 20th century, by giving the most valuable thing they had - their lives – said General Radovanović with a message to the youngest officers to fall in line boldly, confident in themselves, confident of their knowledge and skills, because the Serbian Armed Forces are eagerly waiting for them.  
The Rector of the University of Defence, Lieutenant General Goran Radovanović, presented the diplomas to the cadets who achieved the best academic performance in their programs of study: Marko Božić (9.86)- Management in Defence, Mladen Živković (9.60) - Military Aviation, Aleksandra Pajić (9.52) - Public Finance, David Novaković (9.38) - Military Electronic Engineering, Igor Đurić (9.33) - Military Mechanical Engineering, Teodora Milošević (9.00) - Defence Logistics , Dušan Tanasijević (8.48) - Air Force and Tijana Guslov (8.88) a cadet of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who achieved the best academic performance among members of the foreign armed forces. 

The Commandant of the Military Academy, Major General Bojan Zrnić, PhD, presented awards to the best cadets in their branches and services and the cadets with the best undergraduate thesis.
The best cadets of the Army branch are Ognjen Zlatić, Marko Božić and Dušan Stošić. The best cadets of the Air Force and Air Defence branch are Anđela Bogojević, Vukašin Bandić and Mihajlo Milićević. When it comes to services, Cadet Mladen Živković ranked first, the second was Aleksandra Pajić and the third was David Novaković.
The best undergraduate thesis in the field of arts and humanities belongs to Ivan Komnenović in the Management in Defence program of study, Infantry Module, and in the fields of science and technology, the best thesis belongs to Cadet Mladen Ranđić in the Military Electronic Engineering program of study, Telecommunications Module.

Commander of the Air Force and Air Defence, Major General Duško Žarković awarded pilot badges to cadets of the 140th Class of the Air Force, Vukašin Bandić, Nebojša Kostovski, Tijana Milenković, Mihailo Milićević, Vuk Mićunović, Vladimir Pamučina, Strahinja Petković, Lidija Petrović, Saša Stojmenović, Dušan Tanasijević and Milivoje Vukašinović.
This year, too, the award of the "Second Lieutenant Borko Nikitović" Fund was traditionally presented. The best cadet of the infantry arm, Marko Božić (GPA 9.86), was presented with the award by Zora Nikitović, the mother of the fallen lieutenant of the Yugoslav People’s Army.
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