Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

By order of the Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces, Aleksandar Vučić, construction of a Covid hospital started in Kruševac

- By order of the Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces, Aleksandar Vučić, a Covid hospital will be built in Kruševac, with the capacity of about 500 beds, and the Serbian Armed Forces were assigned the task to construct the hospital within the shortest possible time, to do whatever is needed for the people infected with Covid to be accommodated here, so that we can treat them and help them – emphasized the Minister of Defence, Aleksandar Vulin, who visited the construction site of the hospital for the accommodation and treatment of Covid 19 patients within the Military Complex “Rasina” in Kruševac.
According to the Minister of Defence, it is a multipurpose hospital.

- One day, when all this ends, and it will end and we will win of course, this hospital can be used for other purposes as well. For now, this has to be a Covid hospital, it has to be fully equipped and ready, and it has to be built within the shortest possible time. The Serbian Armed Forces have provided space which will be cleared of unnecessary buildings and we have taken all the necessary steps regarding the documentation – Minister Vulin pointed out. 

As Minister Vulin pointed out, the City of Kruševac is simultaneously working on the provision of all necessary permits and helping to demolish and remove the rubble. 

- The Serbian Armed Forces will, as always, carry out every order of their supreme commander. Where there is the military, there is law and order, organization, and of course, success. All the citizens of Serbia can be proud of their armed forces, not only when they defend them from enemies, but also when they make our lives better, and only the Serbian Armed Forces can build a hospital at such short notice – Minister Vulin said.

During the tour of the construction site, the Minister of Defence was briefed about the measures taken and the foreseen dynamics of the works. The City of Kruševac will provide logistics support during the construction work.

According to the Head of the Infrastructure Department, Colonel Radmilo Kravić, medical gas will be installed in all hospital rooms.

- Demolition is currently underway, and after the Ministry of Defence was assigned the task, it prepared and sent the Government’s conclusion on the demolition and construction of the Covid hospital, which was adopted and based on which we drafted the Decision on the construction of the hospital – said Colonel Kravić and added that all the documents needed for contracting the Military Construction Institute “Belgrade” to carry out the works have been drafted, and that the construction will begin in seven to ten days. 

As the Mayor of Kruševac, Jasmina Palurović, pointed out, the Covid hospital will be built in the “Rasina” barracks within the shortest possible time.

- The terrain is currently being cleared and all the old buildings at this location will be removed. This is extremely important not only for the City of Kruševac but also for this part of Serbia, because a hospital with the capacity of 500 beds will be built here and the most modern equipment will be installed which will be used for the treatment of Covid patients – said the Mayor of Kruševac.

The State Secretary in the Ministry of Defence, Bojan Jocić, Commander of the Rasina Brigade Development Command, Colonel Rade Rnjaković and the Director of the Military Construction Institute “Belgrade”, Slobodan Rakić, visited the construction site.
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Minister Vulin's statement
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The statement of the Mayor of Kruševac, Jasmina Palurović
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