Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia


Regarding the continuation of the malicious, orchestrated and commissioned campaign against the Ministry of Defence and Minister Vulin, for the sake of truthful communication to the public, we emphasize that, for more than ten years, the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Defence, within its functional competences, has been procuring identical media monitoring service which contains standard requirements - press clipping, electronic clipping, web clipping, coverage of media releases, front pages of print media, “alarm clipping“ and the media exposure of the Minister of Defence on a monthly basis. The procurement has never been criticized in the past ten years, until now when Aleksandar Vulin is the Minister of Defence.

These services are procured on an annual basis and the procurement is included in the Ministry of Defence's Annual Procurement Plan for 2020, which was adopted at the beginning of the year, and its launch is planned for March.

Anyone who cares about the truth can be assured that an orchestrated and commissioned campaign is being led against the Ministry of Defence and Minister Vulin. The Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government has carried out, in accordance with its plans, an identical procurement as the Ministry of Defence, which was completed on 27 March 2020. In its procurement, the said ministry seeks the media exposure analysis of the ministry and the minister, just like the Ministry of Youth and Sports, which had completed such procurement earlier, sought an analysis of the media exposure of government’s ministers. The same procurement was completed earlier by the Ministry of Justice and many other ministries. No one criticised them and there is no reason to criticise them, because they, like the Ministry of Defence, were only carrying out an activity in accordance with the law.

The campaign against the Ministry of Defence and Minister Vulin was orchestrated and commissioned, and since there were no commissioned attacks on other ministers, there was no campaign against them, regardless of the identical procurement carried out by their ministries.

It is clear from all of the above that the ordered attack has nothing to do with the procurement of media analysis, and that it is just a reason for conducting a campaign against the ministry and the minister.