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The lecture of the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to students of Advanced Security and Defence Studies

The Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Belgrade Alexander Botsan-Kharchenko delivered a lecture today to the students of the 9th class of Advanced Security and Defence Studies of the School of National Defence.

The Russian Ambassador’s lecture focused on the current international relations in the region, in Europe and the world, from the Russian geo-strategic angle. It also focused on the bilateral relations of the Russian Federation and Serbia and a vision of a new, multipolar world.

Stressing that the interest of the Russian Federation is stability and maintaining stability in the world, Ambassador Botsan-Kharchenko emphasized that many current geopolitical problems are caused by the change in international relations and the creation of multipolar world. As he pointed out, respecting international law is a prerequisite and the best way to solve current problems, both regional and global.

When it comes to bilateral relations, the Russian Ambassador emphasized that the Russian Federation respects Serbia's military neutrality. He pointed out that Serbia has the support of the Russian Federation in its efforts to resolve the crisis in Kosovo and Metohija through compromise, in compliance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244.

Talking about the situation in the region, the Russian ambassador also referred to current events in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. Today's lecture was also attended by the Rector of the University of Defence Lieutenant General Goran Radovanović and the Director of the Institute for Strategic Research Prof. Jovanka Šaranović, PhD.
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Ambassador Kharchenko's lecture