Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Day of the Military Technical Institute marked

In the historical context, 71 years does not seem like much, but this many years of continuous scientific work, innovation, creation and tradition is something that even much more developed countries than ours cannot boast, said Minister of Defense Aleksandar Vulin at the ceremony on the occasion of marking the Day of the Military Technical Institute (MTI), the largest military scientific research institution in the Republic of Serbia.

- This year was a good year, just like the one before. To introduce 30 weapons systems into the armament of the Serbian Armed Forces is not something that can lackadaisicallybe praised. These are serious systems that trulytransform the capabilities and readiness of our military – saidthe Minister of Defense.
Minister Vulin stressed that the times in which 400 MTI engineers were fired overnight would never happen again, because this country would never again allow others to decide for her, her weapons, her military and her intelligence.
- We are decidedly working towards increasing the number of people to be employed in our MTI. For this reason we have introduced the system of stimulations. That is why we strive to pay not only the overtime in which you create, but also the products that you create, so that the state and the Armed Forceshave no unpaid debts to you and that you are given the opportunity to do the best you can – saidMinister Vulin.

Thanking MTI members for their firm commitment to spending their careers in their own country, working and creating for their military and their nation, Minister Vulin emphasized that the only thing that lasts and forever belongs to our Armed Forces, country and people is what we create and produce ourselves.

- You have enabled us to fight to be as independent as possible, to create as much as we can by ourselves and thus protect our country and our freedom ourselves. You are the scientists of your Armed Forcesfirst and foremost, and your Armed Forcesare there to preserve for your people and your country the right to decide and choose autonomously– MinisterVulin said, wishing that the future MTI members would be as patriotic and creative as the generations before them have been.
In retrospect of the most significant achievements and results accomplished between the two holidays, Colonel BojanPavković, PhD, Director of MTI, emphasized the introduction of new assets into the weaponry of the Serbian Armed Forces, a record number of demonstrations of the Serbian Armed Forces in which the MTI participated, as well as an important decoration – theOrder of the White Eagle with Swords of theSecond Degree, awarded to the MTI by the President of the Republic of Serbia and the Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces, AleksandarVučić.

- We are faced with two extremely important and substantially different tasks, to maintain the level of results reflected in the number of assets that have been introduced into the weaponry and at the same time to work to improve ourselves to ensure that the incoming, younger generations of researchers retain the capabilities and knowledge of their older colleagues and to further develop and expand them. This means that over the coming period we will have to invest even more in young professionals, and they will have to put in an extra effort to improve themselves and work on professional development – said Colonel Pavković.

In recognition of his outstanding business cooperation over the past year, Colonel Pavkovićhanded over the MTI Plaques to the Technical Overhaul Institute Čačakand the company “Prva petoletkaTrstenik”. The MTI acknowledgments were presented to the Planning and Development Department (J-5) of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces and the “Mihajlo Pupin” Institute, Belgrade.

Day of the MTI is celebrated on 3November, in memory of the date when the Military Technical Institute of the Yugoslav Army was established after the liberation of the country in 1948, with the aim of equipping, developing and modernizing the Armed Forcesusing our own resources.

In addition to the development of weapons and military equipment as high-technology products, which is the main activity of the MTI, this institution is also an integrator of scientific and production capacities of the Republic of Serbia and the driving force of the defense industry in our country.

Today’s ceremony at the MTI’s Great Amphitheater, was attended by Acting Assistant Minister for Material Resources, NenadMiloradović, PhD, Head of Department of the Defense Technologies, Major General MladenVuruna, PhD, Commandant of the Military Academy, Major General BojanZrnić, PhD, Chief of the Planning and Development Department of the General Staff of the Serbia Armed Forces, Brigadier General Milan Popović. The artistic part of the program featured a mixed choir of the Ministry of Defense and the Serbian Armed Forces under the conductor’s baton of Katarina Božić.
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