Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia


The Serbian Military Syndicate once again promulgates untruth at the expense of the Ministry of Defense, arbitrarily and without providing the actual proof.

Not a single whistle-blower at the Ministry of Defense has been relieved or replaced. The Ministry of Defense has fully implemented the Law on the Protection of Whistle-Blowers from the moment it entered into force. When initiating all procedures for resolving personnel issues, whether for promotion or appointment, a person’s status as a whistle-blower is also taken into account.

We also point to the fact that proposals for personnel changes initiated by the competent senior officers in the Ministry of Defense and the Serbian Armed Forces are first considered by the Human Resources Management Council, which consists of the most responsible senior officers and leaders in the MoD and Serbian Armed Forces. After considering the personnel issues, the Council reaches a conclusion and proposes to the Minister of Defense how to proceed further in each case, so the allegations that the Minister of Defense has dismissed the whistle-blowing officer are completely and utterly unfounded and incorrect.