Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia


The Ministry of Defense has received the recommendations of the Ombudsman Zoran Pašalić regarding the settlement of the status of residents of the abandoned “Bristol”hotel and has already taken action in accordance with the recommendations.

We emphasize that the Ministry of Defense has even before receiving the recommendations repeatedly offered and continues to offer to the residentsaccommodated at“Bristol” to continue providing an adequate solution and inviting them to move into temporary accommodation apartments that were obtained from the City of Belgrade or military-owned batcheloraccommodation at hotels “Zvezdara” and “Galeb” in Belgrade, in accordance with their respective rights.

The Ministry of Defense once again calls on all the persons who still reside at “Bristol” to accept the Ministry’s offer, while the politicians are invited not to abuse them for the purpose of daily politics, not to manipulate them in order to gain media space, and not to promise them things they are legally and under effective regulations not entitled to.

We would like to recall that more than 90% of the accommodation beneficiaries of the “Bristol” hotel have accepted the offered solutions and that the Ministry of Defense has continuously offered the remaining ones the above mentioned accommodation for months, and that they have persistently rejected it, seeking a permanent solution to their housing issue, which is not legally possible to achieve.

We emphasize that the Ministry of Defense has not received any apartment from the City of Belgrade in permanent ownership, only for temporary use. Everything else is a malicious lie. As the rooms at the “Bristol”hotel cannot be alienated, neither can the apartments obtained from the City of Belgrade, which is the main requirement of the persons still residing at the former hotel“Bristol”.