Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Competitions for Military Schools

Competitions have been opened for the admission of pupils and cadets into military schools and it will last until 15th and 31st March. The Military Grammar School is to accept 90, and Military High Vocational School is to accept 45 pupils, while the Military Academy will enrol 87 cadets this year, and the Medical Faculty of the Military Medical Academy is to admit 25students.
Young men and girls who wish to apply for enrolment in the military schools, need to file the applications in time in the centres of the Ministry of Defence in territory of their residence. It is necessary to submit required documentation with the application.
Competition for the Military Grammar School is open until 15th March, and for Military High Vocational School, Military Academy and MMA Medical Faculty the competition is going to be open until 31st March 2018.
While the competition is open, The Military Academy and Military Grammar School will each Saturday organise the “Open door” activity. Then all the interested will have an opportunity to visit these schools and directly familiarise themselves with their capacities and capabilities, while the employees will provide them with required information regarding the competition and working and living conditions.
During the education, the pupils and cadets will be provided with free accommodation and meals in the halls of residence of the Military Academy and Military Grammar School, as well as entire instruction literature, capacities of the Sports centre, library and Internet centre.
Following the completion of the education, the cadets will gain high education and professional title stipulated by accredited programmes of study. After successfully completed education at the Military Academy and MMA Medical Faculty, they are admitted into professional military service and promoted to the rank of second lieutenant of adequate branch – service.
The competition is published in magazine “ODBRANA” and on web sites of the Ministry of Defence -, University of Defence -, Military Academy -, Military Medical Academy - and Military Grammar School -, where you can find more information about the requirements for the competition and required documentation.