Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia


Following the malicious interpretations of the information about the arrest of Aleksandar Radić, we hereby inform the public that on 27th December 2017, the Military Police caught the named person in Batajnica airfield during unauthorised presence in the military facility belonging to the Technical Test Centre. On that occasion, Radić, also without an authorisation, took photographs of the new arms and military equipment as the equipment was being tested on the plane “Orao”.
Not only that Aleksandar Radićdid not have the authorisation to enter the military facility and stay in the Batajnica airfield, or take photographs and make recordings, but he did not even submit any kind of request for that. He hereby stress that it is forbidden in all armed forces of the world for individuals to be present and stay in military facility unless they have approval of competent authorities.
With consent and in the presence of Radić the material recorded by his camera was inspected, after which the competent authorities of the Ministry of Interior were informed. Upon arrival of police officers, Radićwas, in accordance with Article 53 paragraph 9 of the Law on the Serbian Armed Forces, transferred with the documentation and equipment that he had on him to the jurisdiction and for further action of the MI bodies. The procedure pertaining to this case is in the charge of competent public prosecutor of the Third primary public prosecutor’s office in Belgrade.
The competent bodies of the Serbian Armed Forces acted in line with their authorisation in the said event and they implemented adequate procedures, so the allegations that the warrant for arrest was issued by the Minister of Defence, Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, or Assistant Minister of Defence for Material Resources are incorrect, as well as the claim that the Military Police has pressed charges againstAleksandar Radić.