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Memorial Plaque Unveiled in Memory of the Russian Alexandrov Ensemble

Memorial plaque for the Russian military Alexandrov Ensemble was unveiled today in the park near the monument dedicated to Tsar Nikolas II Romanov and the Russian Home. That park will from this day on be named after the famous choir whose first cast died in a plane crash late in 2016.

The event, which was attended by the Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin, Minister of Culture in the Government of the Republic of Serbia Vladan Vukosavljević, Minister without a Portfolio Nenad Popović, Ambassador of Russia in Belgrade, Alexander Chepurin, representatives of the City of Belgrade, Serbian Orthodox Church and numerous guests, was marked by performance of the male choir of Alexandrov Ensemble and Artistic Ensemble of the Ministry of Defence “Stanislav Binički”.

After the Art Director of Alexandrov Ensemble, Genadiy Sachegnuk and Head of Artistic Ensemble of the Ministry of Defence “Stanislav Binički” Lieutenant Aleksandar Vasilevski had unveiled the memorial plaque, Minister of Culture Vladan Vukosavljević reminded that almost a year had passed after the tragedy that had happened to the Russian Ensemble.

-This sad memory has unfortunately been an occasion to name this magnificent Belgrade park after the honourable and great name of Alexandrov Ensemble, which is not only one of the greatest and the highest quality artistic ensembles of this kind in the world, but it is also a great friend of Serbian people – the minister of culture said and reminded that the choir had been with us in the most difficult times for the Serbian people and that those moments could never be forgotten and they remained in collective memory.

Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Belgrade Alexander Chepurin called the day a “historical day” because a lovely park in Belgrade downtown would be named in honour of the Russian Alexandrov Ensemble.

- We wish this park to be a place of gathering and joy, and we will together with the city authorities work on that – the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Belgrade said and reminded of the extraordinary personality of one of the greatest enthusiasts of the Russian Culture Alexander Vasilyevich Alexandrov after whom the Ensemble had been named.

Deputy Mayor of the City of Belgrade Andreja Mladenović disclosed that the Belgrade park was named upon the initiative of Minister of Culture Vladan Vukosavljević, right after the tragedy that had happened to the “Alexandrov” in December last year, and that the City Assembly had unanimously supported the initiative, upon the proposal of a competent commission.

Genadiy Sachegnuk, Art Director of the Russian military ensemble pointed out that Serbia and Russia were united by several century long brotherly friendship and that the Russian highly appreciated the brotherly relations of the two nations.

- Participating in this glorious historical event, it is with particular feeling that we express our gratitude to the Government and people of Serbia and all its citizens, because you offered unselfish support and attention in the most difficult moments for our collective – the guest from Russia said and added that he was certain that the brotherly relations between the two peoples would get stronger.

At the end of the celebration, ministers of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, representatives of the City of Belgrade, Embassy of the Russian Federation in Belgrade, Russian Home and the two ensembles symbolically planted a birch tree, the symbol of life, in the Alexandrov park.
The Russian military Alexandrov Ensemble will hold a concert tonight in the Sava Centre.
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