Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Dynamic Demonstration of a Part of the Project “1500+”

Dynamic demonstration of a part of the project “1500+” and testing of new small arms, protection ballistic equipment and other assets from production programme of defence industry companies of Serbia were held today on the training ground “Nikinci”. The event was attended by Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin and Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces General Ljubiša Diković with associates.
Minister Vulin reminded that upon the order of the Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces, President Aleksandar Vučić, the project “1500” was to be continued by the project “1500+”.
-It is our way to show that we will continue enhancing our armed forces, that our every soldier will be equipped in accordance with the highest world standards and that he will be able to deal with any danger, any challenge that he may face. Today, we have presented to you a new generation of small arms and new ballistic protection and equipment, and we have also presented the new vehicles, new optical devices and the most important thing is that everything we present is the product of our intelligence and our knowledge. This is designed and produced, to the greatest extent possible, by our constructors and engineers, our defence industry of Serbia – Minister of Defence said and added that there were no many countries in the world that could proud themselves of producing such wide range of products intended for the military.
- Our armed forces, owing to such policy and such procurements, will be able to tackle any challenge in front of it, and our soldier will be protected, his efficiency will certainly be increased just like the efficiency of our units, and our commanding officers will be enabled to perform command in the best and the safest manner. Our armed forces will be enabled to truly be proud of what we have presented here today. The most renowned world magazines in this field spoke and wrote about the demonstration “Freedom 2017”, particularly paying attention to the modular rifle, the product of our intelligence and our knowledge which is respected and appreciated all over the world, just like armed forces – Minister Aleksandar Vulin said.
Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces General Ljubiša Diković underscored that the Serbian Armed Forces closely monitor everything that happens in contemporary theatres, in line with abrupt and quick development of modern arms and military equipment.
- The most important thing is that our soldier is well protected in the battlefield and that his vital body parts are protected and the assets that you have seen today provide the highest possible degree of protection to our soldier which is at least equal to the level of protection of each soldier of much more modern and developed countries. Also, with the assets and equipment that a soldier possesses, he can easily and swiftly spot danger which is quite important and also to quickly react to it. You have seen the efficiency of the action of the small arms from the combat armoured vehicle, and I consider it the most important that we could see today that we have managed, despite all difficulties, to preserve the capacities of our defence industry so that the capability of our soldier and consequently the capability of our armed forces, do not depend on others, or the import because we develop what we need - General Diković said.
Acting Assistant Minister of Defence for Material Resources Nenad Miloradović reminded that the project “1500+” represented the continuation of equipping the elite units of the Serbian Armed forces with the-state-of-art arms and military equipment, which had been previously initiated through the realisation of the project "1500".
- The presented armament will considerably increase the capabilities, primarily of infantry and special units of the Serbian Armed Forces and that is one of our priorities and it is developing in the framework of a significantly wider project and the increase of capabilities of the armament of the Serbian Armed Forces which was initiated two years ago and which envisages that 90 systems of the new and modernised arms, ammunition and guided missiles and other will be fielded in the Serbian Armed Forces thus raising its capabilities to the assigned level - Miloradović said.
The project “1500+” encompasses domestically developed arms and military equipment consisting of a new generation of small arms of increased efficiency that includes modular automatic rifles M17 6,5 x 39mm/ 7,62x39mm, sniper rifles repeaters 12,7mm М07 and semiautomatic  М91 / 16, long-range sniper rifles M12 and tactical pistols E3 9mm PARA – all being the products of “Zastava weapons ltd” from Kragujevac and RBGR 40mm produced by PPT defence industry.
The equipment consists of the new generation of ammunition 6,5 x 39mm GRENDEL and 7,62 x 54Р, as well as the new generation of sighting systems for automatic rifles (optical and reflex sights) and optoelectronic video sight and surveillance-sighting night vision monoculars and binoculars. The assets provided to the Serbian Armed Forces in the framework of the project“1500+” also encompass a modern set of protective ballistic and tactical equipment, armed remotely controlled unmanned platform "Miloš", new generation of surveillance optoelectronic systems "MIP-1" and armoured combat vehicles "Lazar-3".
Apart from the said the project “1500+” includes a set of communication and IT equipment with adequate software of command and information systems, reconnaissance unmanned air platforms “Sparrow” and QUADCOPTER and new combat vehicles ZASTAVA NTV.
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