Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Defence Cooperation with Slovenia

Acting Assistant Minister for Defence Policy Milan Mojsilović has talked today in Belgrade with the Director of Defence Policy Directorate of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia Aleš Mišmaš.
Mojsilović informed the guest about the activities of the Ministry of Defence in the process of European integration, cooperation within the Partnership for Peace Programme and plans for the engagement in multinational operations. He emphasized that the overall relations of the two countries are a good basis for the enhancement of defence cooperation to the mutual benefit. He particularly emphasized the interest in intensifying military-to-military, military-economic and military-educational cooperation.
Mišmaš reiterated his support to the Republic of Serbia in the process of the European integration, including the sharing of experience in the field of the EU Common Security and Defence Policy, the projects of the European Defence Agency and the of European Union Battle Groups concept.
The interlocutors exchanged views on the current political and security situation in the region. It has been noted at the same time that, in conditions of restrictive budgetary policy and pronounced interdependence of states, only by combining projects and resources it is possible to respond to current challenges, risks and threats.