Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Marking Telecommunications Service Day and Signal Brigade Day

Today, at the "Banjica" barracks in Belgrade, the 20th September - Telecommunications Service Day and the Signal Brigade Day was officially marked.
Colonel Vlatko Kuraj, Head of the Telecommunications and Information Security Department at the Department for Telecommunications and Information Technology, and Colonel Ljubiša Đolović, Signal Brigade Commander, in their addresses reminded of numerous achievements in the previous year. On the occasion of the holiday, during the ceremony, the awards were given to the members of the telecommunications service, who in the past period achieved remarkable results.
Today's holiday is celebrated to remember the day when, in 1916, the Crown Prince Aleksandar Karađorđević approved the Regulation on Military Telegraph, which laid down the foundations for the organization of the signal branch in the Serbian army. The signal service developed and modernized with the development of the army in this region, and today the tradition of the signal branch is continued by the telecommunications service.
The task of the telecommunications service is to create the conditions for the functioning of the telecommunication and IT security for the continuous command and control in the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces.