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Premiere of the movie "The Forgotten Admiral"

The documentary "The Forgotten Admiral" about the British admiral Ernest Troubridge, who spent the First World War with the Serbian Army, has been premiered at the Yugoslav Cinema Archive tonight.
The screening was attended by Secretary of State Nenad Nerić, Ambassador of the United Kingdom in Belgrade Denis Keefe, Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff, General Ljubisa Diković, with members of the collegium, Crown Prince Alexander and his wife, representatives of the Ministry of Defence, Serbian Armed Forces and cultural and public life.
Премијера филма Заборављени адмиралSpeaking about the film "The Forgotten Admiral" by Slađana Zarić, produced by RTS, the British Embassy in Belgrade and the Ministry of Defence of Serbia, State Secretary Nenad Nerić pointed out that this is a biographical story about the British Admiral who came, as commander of the British mission to Belgrade, the capital of the Kingdom of Serbia, in 1915, and stayed with the Serbian Army until June 1919, and that the film casts a new light on the personality of the slightly forgotten allied admiral.
- We are attending the premiere of the third documentary film that took place on the occasion of marking the centenary of the First World War, jointly realised by the Ministry of Defence and the RTS, after the films of "Serbia in the Great War" and "Serbs in Corfu", Nerić said, adding that the film about the Admiral was co-produced with the embassy of Great Britain, on the occasion of marking the 180th anniversary of the diplomatic relations of the two countries.
Премијера филма Заборављени адмиралHe recalled the war role of Admiral Troubridge and the fact that he was decorated with the highest Serbian military and civilian decorations and thanked the British Ambassador in Belgrade, Denis Keefe, and Admiral's grandson Tom, for their attendance at the premiere and support in the implementation of the project.
Ambassador Denis Keefe, reminding that this year marks 180 years of Serbian-British diplomatic relations, said that there are not many countries that can boast of such anniversary, and that this is an opportunity to remember, in 2017, many important figures from our common history.
- Special recognition should be given to people whose legacy, for various reasons, is not well known or forgotten, and this includes Admiral Troubridge, about whom I heard for the first time at the premiere of the film “Serbs at Corfu” and thought it was a real film story, Ambassador Keefe said and added that a year and a half later we have completed the research on the life of the British Admiral who became a Belgrader.
Премијера филма Заборављени адмиралIt is very important that we learned from this film a lot, not only about the Admiral, but also about the British-Serbian alliance and the spirit of that time, and the way how our ancestors worked, lived and fought for common values, the Ambassador Keefe said.
After the film was screened, the author, RTS journalist, Slađana Zarić and grandson of Admiral Troubridge addressed the audience, and he thanked the production and journalistic team for the project realisation thanks to which his ancestor will not be forgotten.
The television premiere of the film "The Forgotten Admiral" on Radio Television of Serbia will also be followed by the promotion of the book "Diary" by Ernest Troubridge in September.
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