Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Controlling in the Ministry of Defence

The Ministry of Defence is the first state authority in the Republic of Serbia to introduce Controlling.  The new organisation envisages establishing a division within the Budget and Finance Sector to deal with the tasks of controlling.
In today's world, when it comes to finance, controlling is indispensable. The Ministry of Defence, recognizing the need for it, established this function in response to the Government's policy to reduce the high costs, the growing needs of our society and the increasing expectations from the public administration.
Controlling in the ministry will allow better management of future events, and enable management to more easily make decisions about the structure of the budget, financing of projects, making choice in what to invest, as well as making a number of other decisions related directly to the efficient and effective functioning of the system.
Looking at the business moment, controlling will allow direct reduction in costs, detecting potential problems at an early stage of any business segment, making quality decisions at the highest level of management, more efficient management of human resources and faster adaptation to changes.
In case of possible deviations from the plan, controlling will provide timely warning and facilitate decision making for the minister so that he could take appropriate corrective actions. Through regular reporting, the minister will be informed about the degree of realisation of the goals. If there are deviations, controlling identifies the causes and ensures returning the realisation to the right path, and if it turns to be impossible it encourages review of the execution strategy.
With its quality information, controlling will allow preservation of general interest of the Ministry of Defence with encouraging and implementing new ideas by making quality decisions. 
Efficiency and effectiveness is what Ministry of Defence pursues, rather than arbitrarily cutting costs. Setting clear goals and keeping a constant course towards achieving them is the primary task of controlling in the Ministry of Defence.
Keeping pace with the rationalisation and modernisation of public administration, not only to streamline the costs, but for the purpose of increasing the efficiency and transparency of his work, wishing to be part of the economic reforms, Defence Minister has decided to introduce controlling.