Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Analysis of operations on the Salonika front

Field survey and analysis of major battles during the Serbian and allied operations on the Salonika front continued with the realization of scientific research project of the National Defence School of the Military Academy called "Historical Comparative Analysis of Operations at the Salonika front in 1916-1918".

The study tour includes a group of participants in 60th class of General Staff Course of the National Defence School and members of the research team of the Military Academy, with Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Vitchurch from the Center for the Art of War of the British Army and retired Colonel of the Canadian Forces Glen Stens, an expert on the history of the First World War in the Balkans.

The project was launched last year to mark the centenary of the Great War, and according to Colonel Marko Zelenović, Head of the study tour, the goal is for the participants in the General Staff Course and members of the research team, after detailed preparations in the cabinets, to carry out in the field an analysis of various aspects of the operations on the Salonika front in the period from1916 to 1918. In this way, the officers at responsible positions in the Serbian Armed Forces, using the experience and lessons learned from the past, will better understand modern operations and adequately use the lessons learned in the operation to be performed in the future. A special task for the teachers of the Military Academy is to develop this new form of teaching in the process of education of officers at different levels of professional development.

The four-day trip ends with the laying of a wreath at the Memorial at the Zejtinlik and paying tribute to the fallen Serbian warriors and fighters of the allied armies in the Salonika front.
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