Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Training of reserve element

Training of members of the reserve element of war units is conducted in units and at grounds of the Serbian Armed Forces in accordance with the 2017 Training Plan.
 Обука резервног састава
The five-day training of Drina Brigade Command, 3rd Infantry Battalion Command of Drina Brigade, as well as training of members of the reserve element for specialties of particular importance – gunner and operator of 7.62 mm M-84 machine gun is ongoing in 2nd Training Centre in Valjevo.
According to Deputy Commander of 2nd Training Centre in Valjevo Lieutenant Colonel Zoran Cvetkovic it is the planned training of the reserve element of war units and within the 2017 Training Plan a part of persons will be called on a daily or several day-long training.
“Most of these people were a long time ago in the army and they have not been acquainted with the process of decision-making. Therefore, in the first part of training they get familiar with novelties, and later they apply them by themselves. You should link people who have done a military service a long time ago with technique which is in the Armed Forces currently. Moreover, since officers in units are young now, they should get acquainted with the reserve element and we should try to make teams”, Lieutenant Colonel Cvetkovic stresses, adding that response is at a satisfactory level in comparison to delivered number of calls.

Обука резервног састава 
The part of the training is performed at the Independent Automated Shooting Range “Sedlari”. It is training of persons for specialties of particular importance – gunner and operator of 7.62 mm M-84 machine gun.
“The crown of the training is preparatory shootings at “Number 1” from the mentioned armament. The specificity of training with members of the reserve element is the fact they are of different age, ranging from the ones who did a military service in the past decade to the ones who had been soldiers much earlier. All of them, in fact, need little time to revise things they learnt as soldiers”, the Course Commander from the reserve element Captain Radan Lukic emphasizes adding that commitment of all members of the reserve element is at a high level during training.
 Обука резервног састава
Soldiers, NCOs and officers from the reserve element are on training in units throughout Serbia in this period. Training of the Motorized Battalion Command of Backa Brigade is conducted in 1st Training Centre in Sombor whereas training of Jablanica Brigade Command and 1st Infantry Battalion Command of this Brigade, as well as training of persons from the reserve element – gunner and operator at 30 mm automatic grenade launcher is performed in 3rd Training Centre in Leskovac.
Members of the reserve element are also trained in 48th Mechanized Battalion of 4th Army Brigade, 177th Air Force Artillery-Missile Battalion at Batajnica airport, Communications and IT Training Centre in Gornji Milanovac, as well as in the Command for speedy deployments of Banat, Belgrade and Timok Brigade.