Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

The course “Project Cycle Management” opened

The Acting Assistant Minister of Defence for Defence Policy Milan Mojsilovic and Head of the OSCE Mission to Serbia Andrea Orizio opened today the course “Project Cycle Management” organized for members of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces.

According to Mr. Mojsilovic, in the light of present circumstances, which change quickly, the reform and project management in the defence sector “have a significant place in individual priorities of states and regional cooperation of the OSCE members”.

“Donations and projects represent a good and safe investment, which should be used in a more efficient and serious way. Projects can be also assessed as the essence of reforms of the state administration, without which there are no structural changes required through the process of the EU accession”, Mr. Mojsilovic said.

He emphasized that the course “Project Cycle Management” represented the part of the programme of the OSCE support to strengthening the required competence of members of the defence system in the field of project management and enhancement of final results.

“The conduct of the course is the necessity for the improvement of the started processes and strengthening professional capacities of members of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces in enhancing functional capabilities through acquiring knowledge of project management. I am convinced that one of the results of the course will be more intensive project linking of organizational units of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces, both mutually and with partners form our country and abroad”, Mr. Mojsilovic said.

Ambassador Orizio stressed that the Ministry of Defence was one of the key factors in the reform process and expressed contentment with the fact that the OSCE gave great support to it.

“The OSCE Mission is dedicated to providing support to the Ministry of Defence and its participation in the European and other international security initiatives, as well as multinational operations and peacekeeping missions. It is my pleasure to be here because by organization of this course, which is the result of the joint work, we continue and strengthen our collaboration. You success is also our success”, Orizio said.

The five-day-long course “Project Cycle Management” is organized in cooperation of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces with the OSCE Mission to Serbia.