Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

General rehearsal for “Steel 2017” at Nikinci ground

A general rehearsal for the upcoming central ceremony on the occasion of marking the Serbian Armed Forces Day, Victory Day and Europe Day, was held today at Nikinci ground. The rehearsal was attended by the Defence Minister Zoran Djordjevic and Serbian Armed Forces Chief of General Staff General Ljubisa Dikovic with associates.
 Genralan proba vezbe Celik 2017
During the final preparations for the ceremony symbolically called “Steel 2017” at Nikinci ground, there was a display of the reached level of development of armament and defence equipment from the development programme of the Military Technical Institute, the companies of the Serbian Defence Industry Group and Yugoimport SDPR. The system “Alas” will be presented to the general public for the first time. Furthermore, the multipurpose armoured vehicles “Milos” and “Lazar”, “Morava” and “Oganj” systems and the self-propelled howitzer “Nora” will also be presented.
The live firing with artillery and missile armament, as well as manoeuvres of tanks, aircraft and infantry armament were successfully performed, and one could see sorties of the Air Force and Air Defence aircraft on the sky above the ground.

At the general rehearsal for the ceremony “Steel 2017” there was a display of capacities of the application of a switching node, which protects telecommunications and information systems at the command post of a brigade, which enhances the use of information space for the needs of the commanding system at a tactical level in the Serbian Armed Forces.
During live TV stream there will be a display of competence of some units of the Serbian Armed Forces and the Ministry of the Interior. A tactical display of armament and equipment, as well as an exhibition of Yugoimport SDPR are prepared for the ceremony tomorrow at Nikinci ground.

The ceremony in Nikinci, whose preparations started at the end of February, besides members of the Ministry of Defence, Serbian Armed Forces and Ministry of the Interior, will be attended by the state officials, the ministers in the Government, representatives of the military and diplomatic corps, as well as foreign guests.
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