Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Impressive display at Nikinci ground

This afternoon at Nikinci ground the Defence Minister Zoran Djordjevic and Serbian Armed Forces Chief of General Staff General Ljubisa Dikovic have attended the general rehearsal of display of the reached level of development of arms and military equipment from the development programme of the Military Technical Institute and the companies of the Serbian Defence Industry Group and Yugoimport SDPR performing live firings.
“I am extremely content with the display and firing today. I think there will be a lot to see at the exercise, which will be conducted soon, and that the public will be proud of our defence industry”, Minister Djordjevic said after the general rehearsal of the display.
He added that the Ministry of Defence continuously invests efforts to enable the factories from the Serbian Defence Industry Group to increase assortment in foreign markets.
“Last year the export was 484 million dollars, and this year we expect it to be around 510 million dollars. The most important thing is that this year the Government of the Republic of Serbia plans new investments in our defence industry. Thereby we will get new job vacancies, increase in export and volume of production, which will result in our Armed Forces getting some new resources this year”, Minister Djordjevic stressed.
The capacities of the arms and military equipment of Serbian production developed by the Military Technical Institute, as well as the factories of the Serbian Defence Industry Group and Yugoimport SDPR have been displayed today at the general rehearsal. The display included national rifles, grenade launchers, armoured vehicles, missiles, unmanned aircraft, etc.
The participants of live firing have achieved the excellent results. All targets were hit. The Defence Minister and Chief of General Staff congratulated them after the end of the general rehearsal.
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