Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

The Defence Minister with representatives of the National Convention on the EU

On Friday 7th April 2017 the Defence Minister Zoran Djordjevic talked with the representatives of the National Convention on the European Union about the draft Bylaw on scientific and other research relevant for national defense and on the procedure and conditions for issuing permits for carrying out such research together with foreign entities or contracted by foreign entities.
The interlocutors concluded that there is the necessity to additionally regulate the mentioned scientific issue by law and at the meeting the agreement was reached that in the following period certain articles of the draft Bylaw should be discussed and specified by teamwork of the representatives of the Ministry of Defence and NGOs before it is sent to the Government of the Republic of Serbia for adoption.
“I have given a task to my associates to take into account the attitudes of representatives of civil society. We will try to find a solution, which will be in the best interest for our country, scientific-research community and citizens”, Minister Djordjevic stressed.
The coordinator of the National Convention on the EU Natasa Dragojlovic highlighted the excellent collaboration so far of the mentioned civil society organization with the Ministry of Defence. “I am convinced that the Ministry of Defence will also in the future recognize and accept attitudes of NGOs and that it will, as usual, come to high-quality results by substantiated dialogue”, Dragojlovic said.
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