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President Nikolic opens exhibition "Field Marshal Petar Bojovic – symbol of glory and honour"

Председник Николић отворио изложбу „Војвода Петар Бојовић - знамење славе и части“Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic has opened the exhibition entitled "Field Marshal Petar Bojovic – symbol of glory and honour" at the Presidency building, today, presenting a collection of medals of Field Marshal Petar Bojovic and charter on promotion to the ranks, which  are of great historical and cultural value for Serbia. The exhibition is a collaborative effort of Odbrana Media Centre and the General Secretariat of the President of the Republic.
The ceremony was attended by Defence Minister Zoran Djordjevic and Serbian Armed Forces Chief of General Staff General Ljubisa Dikovic with members of the collegium, Serb Republic President Milorad Dodik, representatives of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces, diplomatic corps, religious communities, as well as representatives of the Rakic family who donated the medals of Field Marshal Peter Bojovic.
Opening the exhibition, President Nikolic stressed that this was an opportunity to leave to the citizens of our country a legacy of a remarkable story about, unfortunately, a little-known personality from our military history, Field Marshal Petar Bojovic.
Председник Николић отворио изложбу „Војвода Петар Бојовић - знамење славе и части“- In the recent years, we have invested a lot of efforts in trying to return to the citizens memories of glory and victory of the Serbian Army in the First World War which have been marginalized for decades – President Nikolic said, adding that the scientific opus of the Balkan wars and the First World War addressed the least the four Serbian field marshals, and the youngest among them, Petar Bojovic, was mentioned only in traces and by the way.
According to him, the story of the Field Marshal Petar Bojovic is a paradigm of such ignoring attitude motivated by self-censorship and underestimating of our own history.
President Nikolic said that it has been 70 years since the death of Petar Bojovic, reminding that his modest funeral at the New Cemetery in Belgrade was banned to the public and all those who wished to follow the youngest Field Marshal of the Serbian Army, the hero of the Salonika front, liberator of Belgrade in 1918, hailed and disputed soldier from six wars.
- Incorruptible, honest, he readily paid the price of his positions after the Great War; he was sidelined and almost forgotten during his life. Soldier of such calibre, example and a symbol of an officer which has been a role model for any army up to date, because his character and qualities, skills and knowledge represent a permanent and sacred value - President Nikolic said.
Председник Николић отворио изложбу „Војвода Петар Бојовић - знамење славе и части“The President of the Republic thanked all those who have selflessly and devotedly worked for months to make this exhibition to become part of our lasting memories of an exceptional and in many ways unique Serbian army soldier, especially the Rakic ​​family that donated the collection of decorations and provided an opportunity for us to learn about Petar Bojovic, prominent personality in the Serbian history.
Family of Kosta Rakic, a journalist from Belgrade, has kept and donated to Serbia a collection of medals of Field Marshal Petar Bojovic, which Kosta Rakic ​​acquired from the Field Marshal's son, Dobrosav Bojovic, and which will be exposed and kept in the building of the President of the Republic.
After the opening ceremony of the exhibition, all the interested citizens will be able to see the exhibition from 30 September 2016 to 27 October 2016 in the Central Military Club.
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