Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Press Conference on the Occasion of “The Serbian Armed Forces’ Cup - Karađorđevo 2019”

A press conference on the occasion of the second in a row event “The Serbian Armed Forces’ Cup - Karađorđevo 2019” was held today in Karađorđevo.

As it was pointed out at the conference, the event is going to take place from 27th to 29th September on Hippodrome “Mladost” in Karađorđevo, and in the course of three days, all lovers of horse-riding will have the opportunity to enjoy in presentation and evaluation of stallions, four canter and four galloping races, and rich cultural and diverting programme.
Approaching the upcoming competition, drawing of lots took place at today’s conference which decided start positions in each race.

As Manager of Horse farm of the military establishment “Morović” Nebojša Zlatanović pointed out, on 27th September the event is going to be officially opened on the stage in front of “Karađorđevo” restaurant, which will be accompanied by cultural and artistic programme and presentation of the Horse Farm “Karađorđevo” and its rich history.

He stated that on the second day the gallopers and canters would compete for valuable prises and the status in the horse-riding sport. On the same day, the visitors will see the opening of revue part of the competition of two-horse teams and four-in-hand and presentation and evaluation of stallions of Lipizzaner and Arabic race.

As it was said at the Conference, Sunday 29th September is going to be a racing day that will be marked by four canter and four galloping races. Central events are main galloping race for the “Cup of the Serbian Armed Forces” - race “Serbian Cavalry Division” and state championship for three-year-old horses in canter races.

Tradition of horse-riding sport was restored last year, when after 12 years, an event of this type took place in Karađorđevo. In that honour, the Military Construction Establishment “Belgrade” has renovated facilities for accommodation of horses, auxiliary facilities and administration building with shoeing and blacksmith workshops. Also, a new platform of the hippodrome was built along with accompanying facilities and equipment, and canter and galloping tracks were reconstructed as well.

A Museum was also refurbished, which has been testifying ever since 1983 to a century and a half long tradition of the Horse Farm in Karađorđevo, and besides numerous cups, the Museum safeguards the oldest Book of impressions in the Balkans dating back from 1924.