Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Ministers Vulin and Shoygu: Serbia will never impose sanctions on Russia; RF supports Serbia in the resolution of the issue of K&M

Serbia and Russia will continue advancing their military-technical cooperation. That is an official conclusion of the ministers of defence of Serbia and the Russian Federation, Aleksandar Vulin and Sergey Shoygu. Other messages from the meeting are that Russia fully supports Serbia in the resolution of the issue of Kosovo and it fully respects the policy of President Vučić, and that Serbia would never succumb to anti-Russian hysteria and impose sanctions on Russia. Ministers Shoygu and Vulin met at military training ground Alabino in the vicinity of Moscow following the closing of International Army Games. Serbian minister of defence paid the visit to the Russian Federation upon invitation from his colleague Shoygu.
Welcoming the Serbian delegation, Minister Shoygu said that he was pleased with the active cooperation with Serbia and Minister Vulin, and he underlined that it was the third time that he had met his Serbian colleague since the beginning of the year.
Minister Vulin conveyed the greetings of the President of Serbia and Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces Aleskandar Vučić and thanked the President of the Russian Federation for his understanding of the Serbian position in the matter of resolution of the issue of Kosovo and Metohija.
Minister Vulin stressed that “we have once again received support of the Russian Federation when it came to the resolution of Kosovo problem, acknowledging that Serbia is the one that can and should pass a decision and the Russian Federation will always be with Serbia. The Russian Federation highly appreciates the policy of our President and it respects the policy of Serbia in terms of preservation of Kosovo and Metohija, and in terms of preservation of the interests of Serbia and the Serbian people”.
Minister Vulin underscored that Serbia is a friendly country of the Russian Federation as well.
- Serbia will never participate in the anti-Russian hysteria and it will never consider imposing any sanctions on the Russian Federation, or be in a place where Russia is badly spoken of or attacked.
Minister Shoygu evaluated the cooperation between Russia and Serbia as highly successful, particularly in the segment of military-technical cooperation, which is the most important for Russia, and he announced the enhancement of the cooperation in the fields of military-technical, military cooperation and cooperation dealing with joint exercises and training. He confirmed that in the forthcoming period, Serbia could expect the continuation of the implementation of the agreement – the procurement of new MI17 helicopters and assault helicopters MI35.
Russian Minister of Defence Sergey Shoygu thanked Minister Vulin for the participation of the team of the Serbian Armed Forces in the International Army Games.
- Your team was very successful at this world competition. I understand that you would want even better results and that is why I am ready to provide your team with all facilities for the training next year – said Minister Shoygu.