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10 Dec 2014
If someone were to even think that military high school students have nothing to do on a gloomy, autumn, Saturday morning, they would be sorely mistaken. While the weather is too cold to even step ...
25 Nov 2014
According to the Article 54 of the Law on Military, Working and Material Commitments, the active reserve represents a trained reserve formation of the Armed Forces of Serbia used for completing ...
20 Nov 2014
The low clouds that surrendered Obrenovac yesterday did not stop a helicopter crew of the Armed Forces of Serbia, including Major Vladimir Grbic, Captain Nenad Janjicic, Sergeant Major Nebojsa ...
13 Nov 2014
For sports players – Lieutenant Igor Kovac, Lieutenant Jelica Jovanovic and Staff Sergeant Dalibor Andjelkovic, members of the Flotilla – doing sports is a pleasure, a challenge, and a ...
27 Oct 2014
Currently, 143 members of the Armed Forces of Serbia are deployed in the UNIFIL Mission on Lebanon. Their task is to watch, monitor and maintain the ceasefire between Israel and Lebanon and to ...