Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

International Army Games 2016 closed

Near the capital of the Russian Federation, at the Alabino training ground, tonight, the International Army Games have been officially closed.

The Russian Federation team climbed on the winner’s podium in the Tank Biathlon competition, leaving behind China, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Russian Defence Minister of the Army General Sergei Shoigu Kuzugetovic presented the representatives of the armies of the top three ranked countries medals, by which the International Military Games have been officially declared closed.

Today's finals of the Tank Biathlon competition and the closing ceremony of the International Army Games were attended by Serbian Defence Minister Zoran Djordjevic and Serbian Armed Forces Chief of General Staff General Ljubisa Dikovic. Before the final race, they met with representatives of the Serbian Armed Forces who participated in the International Army Games and congratulated them on their individual and team accomplishments and results achieved.

At this year's competition, our team participated in three events. Pontoneers of the River Flotilla competed in the Open Water competition on the Oki River near the town of Murom and won the third place. Tank crew that participated on the Alabino training ground in the Tank biathlon competition won the fifth place, while members of the air defence missile unit competed in the Clean Sky competition at the training ground near the town Yeysk, where they took the seventh position.

International Military Games were held from 30th July to 13th August at the military training grounds in Russia, and it was for the first time that a part of the competition was held in Kazakhstan. A number of 121 teams from 19 countries took part in it competing in 23 different disciplines.