Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Armed Forces helps across Serbia

Serbian Armed Forces helps citizens in areas affected by floods caused by heavy rains.

More than 700 members of the Serbian Armed Forces Special Brigade, the First, Second and Third Army Brigades, the Riverine Flotilla, the Second and Third Training Centres, Command for speedy deployments of Rasina Brigade, the Fifth Military Police Battalion, Logistic Training Centre, Central Logistic Base, 250th AD Missile Brigade, as well as 98th and 204th Aviation Brigade are engaged in Sabac, Koceljeva, Loznica, Osecina, Lesnica, Valjevo, Preljina, Lucani, Pozega, Trstenik, Doljevac, Lazarevac, Ljubovija, Grdelica ...

Serbian Armed Forces employed five helicopters, motor vehicles, boats, pumps and wheeled water tanks.

During the day the Serbian Armed Forces evacuated 368 people, 72 of which by air.

Members of the Armed Forces supplied 6,300 litres of drinking water, 120 kilograms of food and 7,500 lunch packages for the affected citizens. The Armed Forces also provided 1,100 blankets and 120 beds.

More than 2,000 bags to reinforce the walls were filled with sand by members of the Serbian Armed Forces.

General Ljubisa Dikovic, Serbian Armed Forces Chief of General Staff, is in the field with the engaged members of the Armed Forces. Earlier today he was in Preljina, Cacak and Pozega, and now he is in Kosjeric.

Serbian Armed Forces helicopters evacuated 70 people – 10 from Junkovac and 8 from Drazevac by helicopters of 204th Brigade and 52 from Preljina by helicopters of 98th Aviation Brigade, among whom there was one baby. Serbian Armed Forces helicopter carrying Prime Minister delivered the food and water to the affected population in Koceljeva.

First Army Brigade has sent 55 of its members to Sabac, where they will join members of the Riverine Flotilla engaged in the evacuation.

Central Logistics Base has provided 100 beds and 300 blankets for Emergency Response Team in Smederevo, as well as necessary blankets to other units helping the citizens. Members of the Base are engaged in the reinforcement of bulwark in Gornji Milanovac.

HT-48 helicopter from the 204th Aviation Brigade evacuated 10 people from Junkovac village near Lazarevac.

Members of the Special Brigade evacuated the six-member family from the village Preljina near Cacak, by air, using HT-40 from the 98 Aviation Brigade.

Members of the Riverine Flotilla are engaged in Koceljeva, Sabac, Lazarevac, Lajkovac, Lucani and Loznica, mainly in the evacuation of citizens and the reinforcement of bulwarks. Colonel Andrija Andric, Flotilla Commander, who is on the ground in Loznica, points out that his men have significant experience in performing the tasks of the "third mission", they have already been in the field more than 12 hours and are fully prepared to provide necessary assistance to citizens.

The Second Army Brigade is engaged in the evacuation and reinforcement of embankments in Cacak, pumping water in Ljubovija and supply of drinking water to population in Usce near Kraljevo.

Helicopters of 98th Aviation Brigade – HT-40 and Gazelle are engaged in the area of Cacak, Trstenik and Krusevac and the air surveillance and rescue operations. Members of the 98th Brigade take part in the evacuation of the population in Pozega.

For the purpose of air reconnaissance in the area of Lazarevac Gazelle of the 204th Aviation Brigade was also engaged.

Members of the Special Brigade have rescued citizens in Doljevac, Grocka, Preljina and Sabac.

The Second Training Centre evacuates residents in Osecina, and supplies drinking water to citizens in Koceljeva.

The supply of drinking water to the citizens in Trsteniku engaged members of the Rasina Brigade Command for Development, and in Grdelica – members of the Third Training Centre. In Kucevo, Mali Crnic and Razanj, drinking water is supplied by the Army Training Centre and the 246th CBRN Battalion.

Members of the Logistics Training Centre are engaged in reinforcing the bulwarks in Pozega.