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162nd issue of Odbrana brings to you

At the opening of the International Symposium on the occasion of a century Serbian Air Force, Air Force Commander Major General Ranko Zivak said that 2012 should declared the year of Serbian military aviation, but also the year of pride, because our country is one of the few countries in the world marking an important anniversary.

Angolan delegation’s visit is a confirmation of the friendly relations between the two countries dating back to the times of former Yugoslavia, which now continue in the field of defense and should be regarded as a pillar of cooperation between our two countries, said Minister Sutanovac in a meeting with Angolan Minister Van Dunema.

In an interview to Odbrana, Vlade Divac, the president of Serbian Olympic Committee, said that in conversations with our Olympic athletes he insisted on enjoying the game. "Only if you enjoy something you do, your results can be superb," says our famous basketball player.

Defense Minister Dragan Sutanovac with the Minister of National Defence of Angola Pereiro Candido Dos Santos Van Dunem officially opened and launched an extended part of the postoperative intensive care at the Clinic for Anesthesiology and Resuscitation of the Military Medical Academy.

On the second forum, "To be secure" in Budva, the participants discussed the current issues of global and regional security, as well as the challenges of economic and financial crisis.

The campaign "Clean Serbia" engaged about 2500 soldiers and officers of the Serbian Army who worked on clearing 113 locations across the country.

36th class of students have graduated from the Military High School . During the four years of education they demonstrated excellent results in extra-curricular, cultural and sports activities, such as activities at sporting events at city and republic level, then at the conference of creators and by participating in Petnica Research Center.

Management Department at the Military Academy was declared the best department, special incentives for teachers are good marks from the cadets and cadets in the process of being evaluated by students.

Exercise computer simulated exercise "Morava 2012" was carried out the command 41st Infantry Battalion, Fourth Brigade, supported by the Training Center through a simulation. This is the second such exercise this year.

Training Command is the first organizational unit which is able to benefit from an intranet to connect all its members and enable them to immediately follow the life and work in other units, according to the pace imposed by modern technology.

The interest for voluntary military service under arms of those who have already done their conscript duty in civil service, speaks volumes about the positive image of the Serbian Army. Three young men who have recently completed specialized training confirms that the job of soldiers is becoming an ever more popular profession.

Members of 1st ad 2nd River Flotilla regiment recently in an artillery training area "Titel" successfully conducted tactical exercises using live artillery firing from the ship's weapons.

The engineering battalion, Second Brigade, stationed in Kraljevo, once again confirmed the link between the Army and the Serbian people in the Pester plane. Not only have they built roads in the area, but they have established close relationships with the residents of multi-ethnic environment. And members of the Engineering Battalion of the Third Brigade built a well in Kulina residential home.

Photography exhibition "Memories from the army," which was in the Army House in Belgrade during the "Museum Night" saw more than 5,000 people in the gallery of the National Museum in Pozarevac was officially opened by Colonel Milivoje Pajovic, Head of Public Relations of the Ministry of Defence. The event was attended by Mayor of Pozarevac Miomir Ilic.

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