Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

New issue of “ODBRANA”

In the January issue of the "Odbrana" magazine, in addition to a review of 2020 - the "year of the coronavirus", which we want to forget much faster than many previous years, when we also struggled with many challenges and adversities, but different ones, more predictable than a pandemic, you can also read about all the things that the armed forces and military health care have endured and done to fight the unknown and vicious disease so effectively. The STANDING POINT section contains a text about the Military Medical Academy and the persistent fight of its doctors and other medical staff in the red and green zones. Along with fighting Covid-19, military doctors have not stopped providing care and treatment to "regular" patients suffering from other diseases. And, as the epidemic strengthened, there were more and more patients every day.
  This time as well, the messages from the magazine’s interviewees, published in the INTERVIEW WITH A CAUSE section, resonate strongly. The Air Force and Air Defence Commander, Major General DuŠko žarkovic, states that investing in modern weapons systems and infrastructure facilities, as well as improving our service members’ standard of living have significantly enhanced the operational capabilities of air force and air defence units and made the defence of the Serbian airspace and the execution of all other tasks more efficient.
The SYSTEM section contains a story about the Fourth Army Brigade, whose members we visited in early December, while they were performing a tactical live-fire exercise at the "Pasuljanske Livade" training ground, during a ten-day camp. There is no time for a break in the 204th Air Brigade, not even for holidays, because they have the same tasks in peace and war. Airspace control and protection are continuous and complex tasks that this unit performs 365 days a year. Members of the Telecommunications and IT Department also showed their knowledge in cyberspace warfare by participating in the three-day exercise "Cyber ​​Challenge 20". We also paid attention to the Serbian peacekeepers, the ones participating in the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) on the demarcation line separating the Greek and Turkish Cypriots.
In the GLOBAL section, there is a commentary on the "year of the coronavirus" written by Slobodan Reljić. The OCCASIONS section contains a story about another NATO’s "stealth" F-117 A aircraft downed during the aggression on our country in 1999. It is known that after our anti-aircraft gunners had managed to shoot down a stealth aircraft, NATO strategists seriously questioned the quality of these aircraft and the purposefulness of their production. There is also a traditional PARALLEL section, where you can read a text about the Spanish Legion.
This time, the CULTURE section contains articles about the multimedia exhibition "Jasenovac Concentration Camp 1941-1945", a joint project of the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Culture and Information and the Public Institution "Donja Gradina Memorial Site", the "Binički" ensemble, an indispensable participant in many cultural events in our country and the region, and hitherto unknown facts about the journey of Pushkin's lost manuscript from Yugoslavia to the Soviet Union.
We also recommend to readers the text in the HISTORY section about the Supreme Command’s First Surgical Field Hospital on the Thessaloniki Front, in Dragomanci.