Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Defence Minister meets producers of project on Heroes from Košare

Defence Minister Aleksandar Vulin has met today with representatives of the Omega production company who are working on the preparation of a feature film and the series on the Heroes from Košare.
The meeting was dedicated to the support by the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces to the project of the feature film and series about the heroes from Košare.
During the talks, Minister Vulin pointed out the importance of the battle on Košare in the defence of the homeland against NATO aggression, which the public knew little about until recently, as well as the importance of projects dedicated to such significant events in our history.
On behalf of the production company, Director Balša Đogo presented to the minister of defence the project on the Heroes from Košare, as well as the necessary information regarding its realisation, with special reference to elements in which the support of the Ministry of Defence would be significant.
- The Ministry of Defence recognised how big and responsible that job was and they decided to help us in the execution of that project. The series talks about the boys who defended Košare, but also about all the military personnel who participated in the defence of the homeland against NATO aggression – Director Balša Đogo said, adding that there is a plan to shoot a film and 12 episodes of the series on the Heroes from Košare.
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