Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Seminar on the work of the Human Resources Sector

Within the framework of activities marking the Human Resources Day –1 September, a seminar on the work of the Human Resources Sector of the Ministry of Defense and the Serbian Armed Forces was organized today at the Houses of the Guardsat Topčider.
The seminar, organized by the Personnel Department of the Human Resources Sector, was opened by State Secretary AleksandarŽivković, the seminar was chaired by Colonel Zlatko Mišić, and the opening was attended by Brigadier General SavoIriškić, Head of the Human Resources Sector.
Opening the seminar, State Secretary Živković congratulated all who belong to the HR on their holiday and wished them success in future work.
 - Man has been at the heart of every system or organization since the dawn of time and as such represents the most significant resource. It is on him that the potential and vitality of each element of the organizational structuredepends on. For that reason, the human resources management is an extremely professional, expert and responsible issue - said State Secretary Živković, adding that organizing various forms of human resources education and training also aims at gettingthe personnelacquainted with the novelties in the field of human resources management.
Speaking about the topics that are the focus of the seminar, State Secretary Živković said that he was convinced that the treatment of those topics in combination with an interactive approach by all participants, the goal would be fully achieved, and that he believed that the representatives of the human resources department were the best and most responsible and that their questions and suggestions wouldreflect positively on the advancement and development of human resource management in the defense system.
The aim of the seminar is to, summarizing the results in the field of human resources management andusing problem solving approach through directed, constructive and open exchange of ideas, provide answers to the most important issues in the field of human resources department functioning and harmonize the work of human resources bodies in the defense system.
Among the topics are the issues related to the procedure of admission of persons to work for the Ministry of Defense and the Serbian Armed Forces and overcoming the problems in order to shorten the entire procedure. In addition, new solutions related to the regulation of the situation in the service and the promotion of officers and NCOs were considered.
The final part of today’s conference is dedicated to presenting the mechanisms of psychosocial support and the possibilities for establishing an integrated organizational support system for members and family members of employees of the Ministry of Defense and the Serbian Armed Forces.