Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Presentation of military profession and military schools in Vranje

Representatives of the Defence University and the Military Academy gave briefing today about military profession and presented open competition for enrollment in military schools in six secondary and elementary schools in Vranje, in order for interested boys and girls to have quality preparations for the entrance examination.
The students had the opportunity to learn more about the contents and programmes that are being taught in military schools, and officers and cadets of the Military Academy shared their experience with them. Today, at “Bora Stanković” High School, Captain Željko Marinković from the Military Academy talked about conditions of the competition for enrollment in military schools.
- I invite young people to apply for admission to military schools, to submit the application and necessary documentation in the Centre of the Ministry of Defence for the territory of Vranje on time, in the period when the competitions are open, and to prepare themselves the best they can for the entrance examination – Captain Marinković said.
Cadet sergeant Ivan Mančev, a student on the third year of the Military Academy, spoke about the advantages and challenges of the military profession.
- Although we learned a lot in theory, it was only on the ground that we felt how it really looked like in practice. I have to admit, training is very challenging, but it is a charm of the military profession, Mančev stressed after the presentation at the Vranje High School attended by a large number of students.
The presentation of the military profession and military schools in Vranje continued at Medical School “Dr Isabel Emslie Hutton”, Technical School, as well as at elementary schools “Vuk Karadžić”, “Jovan Jovanović Zmaj” and “Radoje Domanović”.
The competition for admission of students to the Military High School is opened until 15th March 2019, and the competitions for the Secondary Vocational Military School, the Military Academy and the Medical Faculty of the Military Medical Academy last until 31st March 2019.
The interested candidates can find all the necessary information about the conditions of the competition and the required documentation on the websites of the Ministry of Defence, the University of Defence, the Military Academy and the Military High School.