Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Belarus Delegation Visiting Military Academy

Three-member delegation of the Military Academy of Belarus led by Major General Viktor Alexandrovich Lysovsky on a four-day visit to the Republic of Serbia, visited the Military Academy today. The topics for discussion encompassed methodology for educating the officers at undergraduate, integrated, master, specialist and doctoral studies, as well as career training at Basic Command and Staff Course, Command Staff Course, General Staff Course and Advanced Security and Defense Studies within the National Defense School.
Commandant of the Military Academy, Major General, Professor Bojan Zrnić presented the organizational structure of the University of Defense, educational programs at all levels of study, as well as magazines rated as those of national and international importance.
- The University of Defense is the youngest university that has integrated two institutions, the Military Academy and the Medical Faculty of the Military Medical Academy. We are proud of the long history of the military education, 168 years this year since the establishment of the first military higher educational institution, the Artillery School – said General Zrnić.
Our aim is to develop as many scientific programs as possible with partner countries, to increase the number of foreign students, to accredit additional career development programs through master studies and to optimally use our resources, General Zrnić pointed out, and went on to emphasize that in addition to the educational function a special role is assigned to scientific research. Presenting the Department for Simulations and Distance Learning, he explained that most of the teaching content is tested through simulations and then in real-life conditions.
Major-General Viktor Alexandrovich Lysovsky, Head of the Military Academy of Belarus, said at the beginning of his address that this was his first time in Serbia, but that he felt right at home.
- In the process of education, we adhere to our rich military traditions; our schools study everything related to military tactics. Our officers do not have experience in combat activities, and therefore we incorporate forms of combat activities into the teaching process and I hope that you will share your experiences with us – said General Lysovsky.

During the visit to Serbia, the delegation of Belarus will visit the Military Museum, the Ethnographic Museum and the Temple of St. Sava.