Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

The Day of 98th Aviation Brigade marked

At the Lađevci airport near Kraljevo, today, the Day of the 98th Aviation Brigade has been officially marked.
The ceremony was attended by Major General Duško Žarković, Commander of Air Force and Air Defence, General Željko Bilić, Commander of 204th Air Force Brigade, Brigadier General Željko Kuzmanović, Commander of 2nd Army Brigade, Colonel Tiosav Janković, Commander of 250th Air Defence Missile Brigade, Colonel Aleksandar Dučić, Commander of 126th AEW&C Brigade, members of the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces, former brigade commanders, representatives of local government, the Serbian Orthodox Church, BIA, Gendarmerie and other guests.
Congratulating the holiday to all members, Colonel Dejan Vasiljević, Commander of the 98th Aviation Brigade reminded of the rich historical heritage, high professional competence, strong collective spirit and the unbreakable fighting morale of the members of that brigade.
Summarizing the results of the work in the past year, Colonel Vasiljević reminded of the participation of the brigade members in the execution of numerous exercises, particularly highlighting the joint live tactical exercise “Century of Victors 1918-2018”, which serves for the pride of the unit, the Air Force and Air Defence, the Serbian Armed Forces and the homeland in its entirety.
- In the year ahead of us, we are to see the modernization of the Orao aircraft, the introduction of the H145M Light Utility Helicopter in the first half of 2019 already, which is now the most modern in its class, Colonel Vasiljević said speaking about the future plans and stressed that the highest value of the brigade is in its personnel, their knowledge and a responsible and professional approach to each task.
Today's ceremony was concluded by the parade of the units of the 98th Aviation Brigade, and the homage was paid to the killed and deceased members of the unit.
The Day of the 98th Aviation Brigade is celebrated to commemorate 28th November 1949 when the 98th Fighter-Bomber Aviation Regiment was formed, the unit with the longest tradition of all those that entered the composition of today's brigade and the oldest formed unit in the former AF and AD.
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