Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

The youngest officers admitted to units of the Serbian Armed Forces

Commands of the operational elements of the Serbian Armed Forces and the organizational units of the General Staff have admitted, today, the youngest officers of the Serbian Armed Forces who were promoted to the rank of the second lieutenant on Saturday. Commanders and chiefs presented to them organization, missions and tasks of the units under their command as well as the rights, obligations and tasks that await them upon their admission into the units.
In the Military Club of the Serbian Armed Forces in Niš, the young commanding officers were received by Army Commander Lieutenant General Milosav Simović. In the presence of commanding officers of the command and subordinate units of the Army, he wished young officers all success at their first officer's duties.
In the Air Force and Air Defence Command in Zemun, the second lieutenants assigned to this service branch of the Serbian Armed Forces were received by Commander of the service branch, Major General General Ranko Živak.
In Topčider barracks in Belgrade, Commander of the Training Command, Lieutenant General Đokica Petrović welcomed the youngest second lieutenants of that element of the Serbian Armed Forces. General Petrović introduced them to the tasks of the Training Command and the duties and obligations that are awaiting them in the forthcoming period.
Officers assigned to their first duties at the Central Logistic Base were received by Commander of the Base Brigadier General Petar Latković. He pointed out that this is a great day for the unit because the admission of the youngest officers for each unit represents a great staffing boost. General Latković wished young lieutenants all the luck at their first officer's duties, saying that they should always adhere to the Code of Honour because "honour and knowledge are the strongest weapon of the soldiers". The second lieutenants then visited the memorial room and got acquainted with the traditions that this unit inherits.
The admission of the youngest second lieutenants was also held at the Telecommunications and IT Department of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces. The young commanding officers were introduced to the tasks of the Department and the obligations that await them by Colonel Vlatko Kuraj.