Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Awards for the best research project and doctoral dissertation

The Defence Minister Zoran Djordjevic handed over today in the Central Military Club of the Serbian Armed Forces the Annual award for the best research project, doctoral dissertation and master’s thesis in the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces.

The project “Research of possibilities of the improvement of BOFORS anti-aircraft system”, whose manager is civilian Niksa Zegarac, an engineer in the Military Technical Institute, was chosen for the best research project whereas the best doctoral dissertation was “The assessment of photograph and video quality through preservation of information on gradient” by Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Boban Bondzulic from the Military Academy.
Congratulating the awarded ones, the Defence Minister Zoran Djordjevic emphasized that the awards represent symbolic recognition for hard work and an incentive for other researchers to contribute with their research papers to the development and enhancement of defence capacities of the Republic of Serbia and the progress of our society in total.

“There were significant steps in the defence development during 2016, and the ceremony today is an opportunity to look back on the most important results. The direct result of research work is the design of modern arms and military equipment, as well as their production. In 2016, 115 tasks in the sphere of basic, applied and developmental research were carried out, 76 tasks of verification and final tests were conducted, and 10 assets from the development went into use”, the Defence Minister stressed reminding that the researchers from the Ministry of Defence actively participated in the events in national and international science world.
Minister Djordjevic said that the Ministry of Defence implemented scientific standards and criteria introduced by the ministry in charge of science, which created the conditions for integration of the military research work in the research system of our country.
“Our six education and research organisations have been accredited in accordance with the Republic’s regulations, and amendments to the Law on research work have recognized the specificity of such work in the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces, which were additionally strengthened by amendments in 2015”, Minister Djordjevic emphasized adding that the Ministry of Defence currently works on by-laws regulating the research work in the defence system.
For the allocation of Annual awards for 2016, three research projects and eighteen doctoral dissertations were submitted and assessed by the Commission for the selection of the proposals of papers for the allocation of annual awards in the organization of the Strategic Planning Department of the Defence Policy Sector.
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