Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Situation in Obrenovac under control

The Government of the Republic of Serbia declared at its session yesterday a state of emergency on the territory of Serbia, which will practically facilitate all the available forces, including the Serbian Armed Forces, to be able to promptly respond in case of repeated floods and danger to the lives and property of people.

As part of these activities, Mayor of Belgrade Sinisa Mali and President of Obrenovac Municipality Miroslav Cuckovic, with representatives of the Sector for Emergency Situations, Srbijavode Company, as well as the Ministry of Defence and the Serbian Armed Forces, visited the bulwark Perilo at Zabrezje near Obrenovac.

Making sure that the work on the additional consolidation of the Sava bulwark progress according to plan, Sinisa Mali pointed out that the situation at that moment was under control, that water levels of Kolubara and Pestan were elevated, but those rivers were at their beds and there was no danger of effusion.

- It is good to have with us members of the Serbian Armed Forces and the Ministry of Interior, who, together with representatives of city and municipal staff for emergency situations, monitor the situation minute by minute, so we will respond as necessary, Mayor Mali said.

The bulwark was visited also by the Commander of the Command for Development of the Belgrade Brigade, based in Jakovo barracks, Lieutenant Colonel Miroslav Stefanovic, who stressed that in order to maintain constant readiness for quick use of Army units in its third mission, in all crisis staffs, as well as in Obrenovac, officers are constantly in touch with the crisis Staff, whose sessions they attend.

- On that basis, we are monitoring the situation and we are ready to respond quickly, Stefanovic said, adding that the current situation is favourable and there is no danger but that the situation is monitored by the minute to assist the existing forces and means, if necessary, and protect people and property.

Members of the Serbian Armed Forces continued today to help citizens in all flood-affected municipalities as well. Manpower, machinery and engineering machines are engaged in the municipalities of Lucani, Novi Pazar, Cacak, Raska, Arilje, Bajina Basta, Kosjeric, Pozega and Kragujevac.