Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Military Academy Day marked

A ceremony to mark the Military Academy Day – March 18 was held at “General Jovan Mišković” barracks in Belgrade today.
The ceremony was attended by State Secretary in the Ministry of Defence Nemanja Starović, Rector of the Defence University Brig. Gen. Prof. Boban Đorović and Head of the Training and Doctrine Department of the General Staff, Brig. Gen. Muharem Fazlić.

Messages congratulating the Military Academy on its anniversary have been sent by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Miloš Vučević and Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff Gen. Milan Mojsilović.

Addressing the audience, State Secretary Starović first congratulated the cadets on the Military Academy Day.

- Looking now at these young people, the Military Academy cadets, the confident look in their eyes, the future of our military and our country, I am sure that our ancestors do not regret taking the long and thorny path of freedom illuminated by the highest values, because they still live at the Military Academy. Throughout its history spanning over 174 years, the Military Academy has cherished the memory of its great men, but also created new generations of officers, honourable men, military leaders who, with their knowledge, moral strength and military strength, provided support to their people and their country - said State Secretary Starović.
The Military Academy, he said, is constantly developing and adapting to the current and future needs.

- It is an institution of strategic importance, because Serbia’s survival and development will depend on the future officers’ knowledge and ability to create strategies and doctrines that will ensure our victory. Victory in peace, which we desire and appreciate and love more than anything, but also victory in any potential wars, which are usually imposed and unjust when it comes to our free and freedom-loving Serbia - State Secretary Starović emphasized.

According to State Secretary Starović, the Ministry of Defence has endorsed many proposals brought forward by the Military Academy and initiatives launched by the Defence University, and it has continued investing in the improvement of infrastructure necessary for a better quality of life and work of cadets and members of the Military Academy.

State Secretary Starović said that the Ministry of Defence would also endorse the planned organization of the Military Academy according to the services/branches, for the sake of better functioning of the military.
- We will make sure that the excellent professors and commanders working at the Military Academy are recognized, as well as the importance of scientific research and publishing activity for the purposes of the defence system. We will provide all that is necessary to create future officers, without whom there is no deterrence, no defence, no victory, no army, and no state. Only a strong army can guarantee our survival and development in the Balkans, said State Secretary Starović, stressing that the cadets are worthy of the rich legacy of military education.

Being a member of the Military Academy is an honour, he said, and honour is our most valuable asset.

- Once you acquire it, no one can take it away from you, sell it, or appropriate it. Therefore, I take this opportunity to once again invite, from this historical place, all young men and women who love the uniform and our armed forces, who have Serbia in their hearts, to apply for the Military Academy and military high schools and join these proud ranks. Long live the Serbian Armed Forces, long live Serbia – said State Secretary Starović.

The Commandant of the Military Academy, Colonel Assoc. Prof. Srđan Blagojević, said that institutions with distinguished traditions and centuries-long existence had accumulated and precious experience of celebrating their anniversaries.
- This year, we celebrate the Military Academy Day exactly one year before the great jubilee, its 175th anniversary. Anniversaries and military ceremonies are always a good opportunity to sum up past year’s work results. Thanks to the sacrifice, dedication and commitment of the majority of you who are here today, the Military Academy is in many ways better and more efficient now than it was on this day last March – said Col. Blagojević.

According to him, the Military Academy has achieved significant results in the past period.

- Over the past year, we have managed to improve the working and studying conditions with considerable investments in the Military Academy’s infrastructure and in the new and modern military equipment, for which we are deeply grateful to the Ministry of Defence. Over the past year, the Military Academy has strengthened its ties with our armed forces, not only by providing the largest number of educated young officers, but by becoming more integrated with the Serbian Armed Forces - said the Commandant of the Military Academy.

During today’s military ceremony, awards and incentives were given to individuals for outstanding performance.  
After the ceremony, State Secretary Starović attended the demonstration of martial arts skills at the Military Academy’s Sports Centre.

To mark the occasion, General Jovan Mišković’s descendant Mihailo Ruvidić presented to the Military Academy the foils that the 11th Class cadets used in their fencing classes.  

The Military Academy Day commemorates the day in 1950 when Prince Aleksandar Karađorđević gave his approval for the establishment of the Artillery School, which trained officers of all branches of the then Serbian army.