Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Specialist Training for Infantry and Engineer Corps Soldiers

Soldiers of the intake “December 2023” doing voluntary military service who are trained for Infantry and Engineer specialities, have carried out practical training on the training area “Peskovi” near Požarevac.

During several-day long activities on the training area, the soldiers have advanced the knowledge and skills acquired in the Army Training Centre, where they are serving this part of their military service, concurrently adapting themselves to the execution of tasks and organisation of life and work in the field.

In line with their specialities, the infantry soldiers have executed all preparatory firing from branch weapons, undergoing training for autonomous performance of tactical tasks, with appropriate movement in the theatre, while the engineers conducted exercises with mines explosive ordnance with the view of gaining competence in handling stick and electrical means for the activation of explosive charge, and placing and removing mines.

Upon their return from the field, they will undergo the final segment of the specialist training which will be followed by a test of competence of this generation of soldiers in the execution of individual tasks. Then, they will be transferred to Serbian Armed Forces units for three-month long training in the execution of collective tasks.