Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

River Flotilla divers undergo training

Members of the River Flotilla’s diving unit are currently undergoing regular training in providing counter-sabotage protection to ships in a military port.  
This is a segment of the divers’ winter training in carrying out specific assignments on inland waterways at low water temperatures, and the general aim is to maintain and improve the skills of individual divers and the combat ability of the unit.

In accordance with the training programme, the divers first spend time in hyperbaric chambers at simulated depths of up to 50m, and then on the river, practicing diving procedures, inspection of the ship hull, search of the river bed and tactics for carrying out counter-sabotage action.
Simultaneously, additional training is being conducted for the new “light” divers, who are preparing in a systematic way for higher diver categories and more complex and dangerous diving missions.  

Diver training in the Serbian Armed Forces is very challenging, since the divers are expected to be ready for action at all times, in all hydro-meteorological conditions and being highly trained is the only thing that guarantees a successful execution of both defensive and offensive missions.