Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Basic parachute training for soldiers doing military service

Soldiers who started doing their military service in September 2023 in the 63rd Parachute Brigade are currently undergoing basic parachute training at the military airfield “Sergeant Pilot Mihajlo Petrović” in Niš.
This is the final part of training that soldiers who are doing their military service must undergo in order to become airborne qualified. It lasts for four weeks, three weeks for ground training and one week for parachute jumps.

In order to be fully prepared to embark on their parachute training, the soldiers had previously completed individual training at the Training Command centres, followed by tactical and weapons training and physical fitness test at the 63rd Parachute Brigade.
During the ground training, soldiers focus on learning about assault parachutes, how they are packed and stored, and how to operate parachute mechanisms. They also perfect their parachute jumping techniques and emergency procures. This part of training serves as a preparation for the execution of parachute jumps, and is an important step forward in boosting the soldiers’ discipline, self-confidence and determination. It also develops their attachment to paratrooper tradition.

Soldiers who successfully complete this training phase will proceed to performing day and night parachute jumps, carrying weapons and additional load.   

Upon successful completion of basic parachute training, the soldiers are awarded the title of “paratrooper” and are offered the opportunity to become professional members of this elite unit of the Serbian Armed Forces, which they have also expressed their interest in.