Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Flying Training for Future Serbian Armed Forces Pilots

Military Academy fourth year cadets attending Military Aviation programme of study are undergoing flying training at the military airfield “Colonel-Pilot Milenko Pavlović” in Batajnica and wider area of Belgrade.

The training is the first segment of flying training for cadets for the duty of Serbian Armed Forces helicopter pilots, and it is carried out on light multi-purpose helicopters “Gazelle” with specialist guidance of instructors from 204th Air Brigade.

In this phase, the cadets undergo basic training, along with control flights with instructors, autonomous flights, and practising landing and take-off on airfields and out of airfields. To start the flying training, they have undergone on ground preparation, which includes familiarisation with characteristics of the helicopter “Gazelle” and its elements, radio and navigation equipment, piloting techniques, and theoretic content pertaining to aerodynamics and meteorology.

In line with the training programme, the cadets will later practise navigation and group flying, as well as flying by instruments and flying by night so that they are fully trained to operate this type of aircraft. Then, they will undergo retraining for combat helicopters “Gama” or utility transport helicopters Mi-17, by which they will complete the full process of flying training of their studies.