Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

New vehicles for Serbian Armed Forces

Today, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Miloš Vučević and Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff, General Milan Mojsilović, toured the newly acquired vehicles for the Serbian Armed Forces at the “People’s Hero Stevica Jovanović” barracks in Pančevo.
The new vehicles are part of the Model for the procurement of non-combat vehicles for the Serbian Armed Forces through various capital projects that are to be implemented by 2028, and the current project aims to procure vehicles designed to transport people, freight vehicles with large load capacity, as well as special non-combat vehicles.

Head of the Logistics Directorate (J-4, General Staff), Major General Srđan Petković, and Colonel Dragiša Zinaja from the same directorate, presented the new vehicles, their characteristics and purpose to Minister Vučević and General Mojsilović.
All-terrain quads, the first ever bought for the Serbian Armed Forces, were also presented.  These are off-road vehicles that can be used, due to their specific design, on the most difficult types of terrain and surfaces, and their tracks allow them to move across snow-covered surfaces in winter, which makes them especially useful for search and rescue missions.

Among the vehicles showcased today were also vehicles with larger load capacity – semi-trucks and modern freight cars with a loading ramp, a bus and fire engines for extinguishing all types of fires.
The newly acquired vehicles were toured today by the Head of the Operations Directorate (J-3), Major General Tiosav Janković, Head of the Reconnaissance and Intelligence Directorate (J-2), Brigadier General Dragan Arsenijević, heads of cabinets of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence, Žarko Mićin and Brigadier General Goran Momčilović, and head of cabinet of the Chief of the General Staff, Colonel Slađan Hristov.