Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Flight training on Gazelles at 204th Air Brigade

Members of the 204th Air Brigade are currently training to individually perform special flight tasks on the Gazelle helicopter at the “Colonel-Pilot Milenko Pavlović“ airfield in Batajnica and in the wider region of Belgrade.  
The training, intended for pilots of the 890th Mixed Helicopter Squadron, is designed to maintain and improve the pilots’ ability to perform specific tasks in favourable and challenging weather conditions, during the daytime and at night.    In addition to reaching the required number of flight hours on this type of aircraft, pilots are being trained in group flying at low altitudes following a route, off-airport landing and taking off from unprepared terrain, in the conditions when reduced visibility,  uniformity of terrain and the blowing snow make flying and execution of tasks difficult.  
The squadron’s aircraft maintenance staff, whose expertise and professionalism are vital to the airworthiness and availability of the aircraft, are also actively involved in the training. The training, which is the squadron’s main task in this period, improves the ability of its members to perform search and rescue and air transport tasks.