Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

International Flight-Tactical Exercise “BARS 2021”

Today, members of the Serbian Armed Forces and Aerospace Forces of the Russian Federation have commenced a joint flight-tactical exercise “BARS 2021” (Brotherhood of Airmen of Russia and Serbia), which is taking place in the territory of the Republic of Serbia this week.

The goal of the Exercise is for the crews of fighter aviation and helicopter units to practice the conduct of combat tasks by day and night, and to enhance the competence of air units’ commands for executive command in operations.

The flight activities will consist of the tasks of air space control and protection and search and rescue tasks. The activities will be conducted in the airspace of the Republic of Serbia, at military airfields in Batajnica and Lađevci and in the training area “Pasuljanske livade”, and they will be performed by combined air crews in the aircraft of Air Force and Air Defence of the Serbian Armed Forces. For the first time, helicopters Mi-35 will be used in this year’s exercise.

The flight-tactical exercise “BARS 2021” is the sixth exercise in a row during which Russian and Serbian pilots exchange experiences and knowledge in the field of combat use of aircraft that make the materiel of both armed forces.