Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Serbian Armed Forces helping supply water to drought-affected municipalities

In order to reduce the effects of prolonged drought causing water shortages, members of the Serbian Armed Forces are helping by providing water to the drought-affected municipalities of Lučani, Požega, Gornji Milanovac, Gadžin Han and Valjevo.
A total of ten SAF water tankers are currently engaged in these affected municipalities, where they will remain until hydrologic conditions and water supply have stabilized.
Due to water supply problems, a state of emergency has been declared in the municipalities of Požega and Gornji Milanovac, and in one part of the municipality of Lučani, while in the villages on Mt. Suva Planina, which belong to the municipality of Gadžin Han, there is a shortage of drinking water for livestock.

The Serbian Armed Forces will, as always, be in the field providing assistance to the citizens of the Republic of Serbia wherever needed.