Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Deputy Chief of General Staff Major General Petar Cvetković with Tankmen and Military Drivers at the Training Area Alabino near Moscow

Today, Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces Major General Petar Cvetković accompanied by Head of Military Office of the Private Office of the minister of defence Saša Strahinić and Assistant Defence Attaché in Moscow Lieutenant Colonel Jovica Bosančić, visited tankmen and military drivers at training area Alabino near Moscow who participate in the International Military Games.
General Cvetković congratulated the military drivers on winning the third place in the event “Military Rally” which was completed on 30th August at training areas in the Republic of Tyva of the Russian Federation. The “Tank Biathlon” in which Serbian tankmen reached semi-finals and ended the competition at the 7th place among 16 teams is going to end tomorrow with a final race at the training area Alabino.
Members of the Serbian Armed Forces participate in the event “Sniper Frontier” in the framework of the International Military Games. The competition takes place in Belarus where it will also finish tomorrow. The Sixth International Military Games will end tomorrow with an official ceremony in the Patriot Park near Moscow.