Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Minister Vulin Laid Flowers at the Monument in the Museum Complex “ Memory Road”

Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin, together with the Minister of Defence of Defence of the Russian Federation General Sergey Shoygu and ministers of defence who are attending a joint ministerial meeting of the states participating in the Commonwealth of Independent Stes, member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and Common Security Treaty Organisation, laid flowers at the monument “Mothers of Winners” in the museum complex “Memory Road” in the vicinity of Moscow.
The ministers of defence visited the Main Cathedral of the Armed Forces of Russian Federation and Museum complex “Memory Road” where they planted an apple tree.
The Main Cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces in the Patriot Park in the vicinity of Moscow is part of an impressive memorial complex which brings together Russian orthodox tradition and the victory of the Soviet Union against the occupying Nazi forces in the Great Patriotic War (1914-1945).
The Cathedral was built in honour of Russia’s military victories, at initiative of Minister of Defence Sergey Shoygu, given on the occasion of commemoration of a jubilee - the 75th anniversary of victory in the Second World War.

A lump of Serbian soil, from the cemetery dedicated to the Liberators of Belgrade, was sent to Russia in the framework of the activity “Memory Road”, and laid in the foundation of the Main Cathedral of the Armed Forces of Russian Federation. Some 15,000 soils samples were collected all around Europe from places where Soviet soldiers had been buried who had lost their lives in the fight against fascism.
The unique museum complex “Memory Path” contains historical exhibits from the Great Patriotic War, including photographs, documents, decorations, weapons, personal items of soldiers and officers from the archives of the Central Museum of the Russian Armed Forces.
There is an outdoor museum the “Victory Fields” which is a reconstruction of a battle field from the time of defence of Moscow in 1941. It was exactly in that area that the Nazi German Army was stopped and where from the victorious counter strike of the Soviet troops started.