Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Off-road vehicle Zastava NTV reliable on different types of terrain

In order for the Serbian Armed Forces not to lag behind any other army in our environment in terms of technology, and in order to equip itself primarily with domestic products which are the fruit of domestic intelligence and what our defence industry can implement on its own, Zastava NTV vehicle was introduced into the armament of the Serbian Armed Forces in December 2019, and at the beginning of January 2020, the production of the zero series began
Zastava Tervo 1,4t  4x4 (NTV – New Terrain Vehicle) is a domestic off-road vehicle of the modern “4x4” concept with independent suspension and automatic transmission which, together with the drive distributor and a modern engine, offer optimal traction-dynamic characteristics and specific behaviour in different off-road conditions. This vehicle was introduced into the armament of the Serbian Armed Forces in December 2019, and at the beginning of January 2020, the production of the zero series of versions 1 + 2 FREIGHT and 1 + 8 VAN began.
Zastava Tervo 1.4t 4x4 (NTV) vehicles are fitted with a four-stroke, turbo-diesel engine with & 39; & 39; common rail & 39; & 39; CUMMINS engine, displacement 3760 cm3, nominal power 125 kW (170 hp) and maximum torque 600 Nm. The engine uses Euro-diesel fuel, with an average consumption of 15-22 l / 100 km, depending on the terrain and loading conditions. The maximum speed of the vehicle is about 100 km / h.
The payload capacity of the vehicle is 1400 kg, but the maximum payload characteristics of the selected axles and tires allow an additional load which can be used to increase the ballistic protection of the vehicle, by installing additional armour or additional weapons.
Vehicles from the Zastava Tervo 1.4t 4x4 (NTV) family can successfully replace obsolete vehicles of the Serbian Armed Forces’ motor pool which have a similar payload capacity, primarily vehicles which have a maintenance problem due to the inability to provide spare parts.
Field tests of the new off-road vehicle (NTV) were conducted in the second half of 2019, organized by the Military Technical Institute and with the participation of representatives of the Technical Test Centre, Zastava Tervo-Kragujevac vehicle manufacturer and representatives of engine and gearbox manufacturer.

On that occasion, the functional and operational safety of the prototypes of NTV vehicles, intended for the transport of cargo and men, was checked.
The tests were performed during intensive driving in field conditions on the criss-crossed plains of Deliblato Sands and very demanding terrains of Zlatibor and Fruška Gora, which are characterized by mountain and hill macadam. Each of these terrains individually assigned a different character of structural load to the load-bearing structures of the prototypes, whereby the dynamic behaviour of the vehicle as a whole was observed and analyzed.
A number of tests have also been performed on vehicle prototypes in accordance with the applicable military norms and standards, on the basis of which the reliability, durability, functionality and safety of this category of vehicles have been proven.
The following functions were also tested: overcoming a water obstacle, alternating beam obstacles, as well as overcoming a longitudinal slope, a side slope, a trench. The tests were performed at the NAVAK testing grounds in Subotište and the testing ground of the Technical Test Centre in Nikinci.
Preparations are underway for the serial production of the new off-road vehicle, which will, in addition to the benefits of the sale, also bring new jobs. Foreign buyers are interested in both the military and the civilian variant of the vehicle.