Ministry of defence Republic of Serbia

Tankmen of Serbian Armed Forces in Tank Biathlon Semi-finals

Tankmen of Serbian Armed Forces have entered the semi-finals of the “Tank Biathlon” after excellent driving in the second and third individual races, which were held yesterday and today, in the framework of the International Military Games in Russia, in which they participate for the seventh time.

„ Today we participated in the last, third individual race, and we achieved an amazing result, just like yesterday in fierce second individual race“, says Lieutenant Colonel Rade Adamović. After these two races the team of the Serbian Armed Forces ensured the participation in the semi-finals in this year’s “Tank Biathlon”.
„Tankman of the Serbian Armed Forces drove the individual race with China, Azerbaijan and Belarus on a very demanding track and we achieved the result which guarantees our placement in the next stage of the competition“, Lieutenant Colonel Adamović assesses.

Teams from Serbia and Azerbaijan compete in Russian T-72B3 tanks, while the teams from China and Belarus traditionally compete in their tanks.

A feature of the individual races, according to Lieutenant Colonel Adamović, is a really demanding track, good shooting of all teams and enviable tank operating skill.
The Serbian Armed Forces team consists of three crews. The first crew included the tank commander Lieutenant Dušan Stevančev, the marksman Lance Corporal Nenad Stojanović and the driver Lance Corporal Nebojša Maksimović. The second crew included the tank commander Lieutenant Dušan Sinadinović, marksman Dorotej Savić and driver Nemanja Manojlović, and in the third race the crew consisted of tank commander Sergeant 1st Class Miroslav Nikolić, marksman Lance Corporal Bogoljub Arsov and tank driver Bojan Marković.

The performance of our tankmen in the competition so far is really good - stresses Lieutenant Colonel Adamović, which instils optimism in an even more successful continuation in the fight for the medals.

The semi-finals race in which Serbian Armed Forces team competes is on the competition programme on 1st September 2020. All three crews of the team will participate, alternately on the same tank. The tank of the Serbian Armed Forces will be yellow in this race as well.   

The task of the crew is to overcome obstacles on the track as quickly as possible and solve firing tasks, such as shooting from a gun on the move, a coupled “PKT” machine gun and “Kord” anti-aircraft machine gun. According to the propositions of the competition, each crew drives four circles during which they have to hit three gun and three machine gun targets, and two anti-aircraft machine gun targets. There are 15 anti-tank obstacles in each lap, such as an anti-tank trench, a 90-centimeter-high vertical wall, a water barrier, a bridge, a slope, a minefield, a hill, and so on. The best time achieved is the criterion for ranking in the final race.
The final race of the “Tank Biathlon” is going to be held on training area Alabino on 5th Septembar, when this year’s International Military Games will be closed by official ceremony.